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"I don't think most people could bear to pay more." (more like this) 13.02 05:52
Apple launches new legal attack on Samsung phones (Reuters) (more like this) 13.02 05:51
Australian Govt Holding Secretive Anti-Piracy Talks (more like this) 13.02 05:50
Chocolate cake for breakfast is OK say scientists, Cosby [Interesting] (more like this) 13.02 05:43
Obama's election-year budget to target rich (Reuters) (more like this) 13.02 05:29

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Trial opens 2 years after feds break up militia (AP) (more like this) 13.02 05:16
A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Feb. 13 (more like this) 13.02 05:01

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Goodbye and good riddance (more like this) 13.02 04:50
Red Wings match record with 20th straight home win (AP) (more like this) 13.02 04:34
Venezuela's opposition picks Chavez's challenger (AP) (more like this) 13.02 04:25
Adele Grammy Awards 2012 Video: Standing Ovation for Comeback (more like this) 13.02 04:20
Just the cutest thing. (more like this) 13.02 04:11

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We don't need no stinking perfume: New Hampshire considers ban on fragrance in the workplace to protect asthmatics and allergy sufferers [Interesting] (more like this) 13.02 03:54
My owl got warm so I made it into coffee. (more like this) 13.02 03:34
Meet Jack Kevorkian's successor, Lawrence Egbert [Sad] (more like this) 13.02 03:26
A Few Random Thoughts On NASCAR 2012 – Part One (more like this) 13.02 03:17
WOW Inside Minecraft (more like this) 13.02 03:04
Reddit: No More Suggestive Content Featuring Minors (more like this) 13.02 02:56
Who is Adele's Boyfriend? Simon Konecki at 2012 Grammys? Photo (more like this) 13.02 02:45
Iran’s Palestine Project (more like this) 13.02 02:42
Seriously? This what happens when I watch the Grammies. (more like this) 13.02 02:10
ಠ_ಠ (more like this) 13.02 02:09
Mickelson crushes Tiger and wins Pebble Beach (AP) (more like this) 13.02 02:09
Grammy Awards struggle with honoring Houston (AP) (more like this) 13.02 02:08
Greece passes new austerity deal amid rioting (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:57
Five people parody Somebody That I Used To Know on one guitar (more like this) 13.02 01:45
Coroner: Houston found bathtub, results weeks away (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:37
Venezuela's Capriles set for opposition primary win (Reuters) (more like this) 13.02 01:37
Good Gal Adele - I know the 'It's a miracle!' pet peeve (more like this) 13.02 01:32
Intervals (more like this) 13.02 01:25
The fight begins: Obama's budget going to Congress (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:23
SPIN METER: Romney backed earmarks as governor (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:23
Santorum plans aggressive strategy against Romney (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:23
Top Republican wants vote on birth control mandate (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:23
In complicating move, al-Qaida backs Syrian revolt (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:23
Demoman for President (more like this) 13.02 01:17
Induced labor allows dying Texas man see daughter (AP) (more like this) 13.02 01:14
IAm the composer of the Terraria soundtrack, Scott Lloyd Shelly, AMA (more like this) 13.02 01:06
Photoshop this spherical trio [Photoshop] (more like this) 13.02 01:00
Arab League wants peacekeepers in Syria. D'Argo and Chiana still think it's a bad idea [Interesting] (more like this) 13.02 00:51
Before there was Sergio Aragones drawn out dramas (more like this) 13.02 00:49
In one phrase, what is your outlook or motto on life? (more like this) 13.02 00:47
A shortcut to badassery (more like this) 13.02 00:43
My brother did this at his high school.. I dont know what to say.. (more like this) 13.02 00:42
A friend of mine passed away yesterday. My younger brother, who has Down's syndrome, wrote me this letter when he saw me crying. (more like this) 13.02 00:37
Arabs back Syria opposition; Homs bombardment resumes (Reuters) (more like this) 13.02 00:26
Breathe! Breathe! (more like this) 13.02 00:23
Tongue Tied over Welsh Language (more like this) 13.02 00:09
Greek lawmakers approve austerity bill as Athens burns (Reuters) (more like this) 13.02 00:09
Why can't more end credits be this fun? (more like this) 13.02 00:02
Meryl Streep wins BAFTA Award and loses a slipper (SLYT) (more like this) 13.02 00:00

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Now THIS is what I what to see in 3D! (more like this) 12.02 23:55
About time . . . (more like this) 12.02 23:52
Now that Reddit has banned Child Sexualization (more like this) 12.02 23:42
Pharmaceutical companies have slowed or halted production of children's leukemia drug due to high demand. Wait, what? [Sick] (more like this) 12.02 23:40
Investigators seek answers to Houston's death (AP) (more like this) 12.02 23:36
Apple launches new legal attack on Samsung phones (Reuters) (more like this) 12.02 23:35
An Open Alternative To Kickstarter (more like this) 12.02 23:33
This is your captain speaking...HELP [Scary] (more like this) 12.02 23:28
*ding* [Scary] (more like this) 12.02 23:05
How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins (more like this) 12.02 23:03
Get ahead on Valentine's Day (more like this) 12.02 22:53
Look who i found in the Fellowship of the Ring extras list (more like this) 12.02 22:43
JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit (more like this) 12.02 22:31
Why Microsoft Developers Need a Style Guide (more like this) 12.02 22:30
"A situation in many respects similar to ours" (more like this) 12.02 22:22
I don't really make a living selling games. I sell an ethical life. (more like this) 12.02 22:18
Amazing dogfight animation (more like this) 12.02 22:12
Lemonades (more like this) 12.02 22:08
The French just can't understand Fark, deodorants [Obvious] (more like this) 12.02 22:08
I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee. (more like this) 12.02 22:05
A necessary change in policy (more like this) 12.02 22:05
On the bright side, there's lots of new ruins to visit in Greece [News] (more like this) 12.02 22:02
Whitney Houston's daughter beats Bobby Brown to death? [Followup] (more like this) 12.02 22:02
"We thought we would empty death row, not triple its population." (more like this) 12.02 22:02
Not your average commute (more like this) 12.02 21:50
Induced labor allows dying Texas man see daughter (AP) (more like this) 12.02 21:45
Last Of The Cave People: "A nomadic people in Papua New Guinea were rumored to be living in remote caves in the forest. When we found them, they sent a surprising message to the modern world." (more like this) 12.02 21:43
Hot Playmate suing NYC cops for shoving her face to the ground after taxi driver said she had a gun, which is weird because what he really said was that she was a vampire [Weird] (more like this) 12.02 21:43
Santorum opens wide lead over Romney in latest poll (The Christian Science Monitor) (more like this) 12.02 21:34
6 sleds, 12 men, 66 dogs, and a lot of licorice (more like this) 12.02 21:27
Dealing With an Overly-Restrictive Intellectual Property Policy? (more like this) 12.02 21:27
Microsoft India Store gets hacked, passwords and usernames exposed (more like this) 12.02 21:26
Hungry puppy forgets how to gravity. (more like this) 12.02 21:23
Smell this (more like this) 12.02 21:10
Engineer for President (more like this) 12.02 21:02
Twenty minutes in a tanning bed will land more chicks than 26 minutes at the gym [Unlikely] (more like this) 12.02 21:02
My coffee got cold, so I made an owl with it. (more like this) 12.02 21:00
Photoshop this derelict dock darling [Photoshop] (more like this) 12.02 21:00
On reddit today...[FIXED] (more like this) 12.02 20:59
You must enjoy the simple things. (more like this) 12.02 20:56
2012 Grammy Awards: Live Red Carpet Coverage (more like this) 12.02 20:48
Whitney Houston death: Apple accused of cashing in with iTunes price boost (more like this) 12.02 20:48
Top Republican wants vote on birth control mandate (AP) (more like this) 12.02 20:36
The fight begins: Obama's budget going to Congress (AP) (more like this) 12.02 20:33
Rethinking the Social Media-Centric Classroom (more like this) 12.02 20:28

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Olympus forecasts $412 million annual loss (Reuters) (more like this) 13.02 07:05
"That kid is magnificent." (more like this) 13.02 06:57
Experimental cancer treatment given at Duke may have been based on fabricated data. Duke sucks [Scary] (more like this) 13.02 06:30
Tough calculus for Obama in Chinese leader's election-year visit (Reuters) (more like this) 13.02 06:10